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Contracting for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Check out SBA's updated training course on Contracting Opportunities for Veteran Entrepreneurs. This improved self-paced course gives an introduction to federal contracting opportunities for Vets, including how to land government contracts, the importance of industry clusters and how to access SBA certification.

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Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

Are you looking for tools to create a successful strategic plan that will improve your business's success? This course will explain the difference between strategic planning and other types of planning and other types of planning and describe the typical steps in the strategic planning process.

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Savings Plans for Small Businesses

Do you have a savings plan for you business? Take this course to learn how life events, retirement and even taxes play a role in developing a savings plan.

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Selling Your Business

If you are in the process of selling or closing your business, then this course if for you. Topics covered include defining a business exit strategy, transferring ownership of a business, steps to closing a business, and preparing a sales agreement.

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Ongoing Webinars

Take Your Business Global - An Introduction to Exporting

Have you considered exporting as an option to grow your business? Nearly 96% of potential customers live outside of the United States.

  • Get an understanding of global markets
  • Develop an exporting strategy
  • Get informed about legal considerations
  • Take a look at shipping and distribution plans for exporting

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SBA's Emerging Leader's Initiative: Training for America's Small Business Executives

Have you heard about SBA's Emerging Leaders Initiative? It's federal training that specifically focuses on executives of businesses poised for growth in historically challenged communities. Get the organizational framework, resource network and motivation you need to build sustainable businesses and promote economic development. To read more click here. To register, click here.

How to Prepare Government Contract Proposals Webinar

This course explains the government's contract-solicitation process and describes how to prepare a proposal in response. Click here to begin the 30-minute course!

Webinar Series: How to Apply for the 8(a) BD Program

If you're a small disadvantaged business seeking to be certified in the 8(a) Business Development (BD) Program, join us for a series of 8(a) webinars from April through August to help you learn how to successfully apply for the 8(a) BD Program. Click here to register!

Webinar: Take Your Small Business Global

Learn how to reduce your risk of nonpayment when selling overseas - four international methods of payments explained and compared. Also learn how to finance your export development activities, working capital needs, and business expansion plans - using SBA and Export-Import Bank export financing programs. Click here to register!

Competitive Advantage Webinar

What sets you apart from your competition? Learn how to get a competitive advantage with this course. Learn how to brand, study your competition, identify customers and their preferences, create pricing strategies and much more. Click here to read more and register!

Understanding Small Business Size Standards and Affiliation

Check out SBA's new course and workbook, Small Business Primer: Understanding Small Business Size Standards and Affiliation designed to help small business owners understand what size standards are, how they are established, why they are important and how to determine if a specific business concern is considered a small business. Click here to take the course!

Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers

Learn what marketing is and why it is vital to growth. The course covers how to conduct market research and developing marketing strategies while providing marketing resources for small business owners. Click here to read more and to take the course!

Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Learn how to protect your business information online. This self-paced training covers the importance of securing information, the kind of information to secure, types of cyber threats and tips for guarding against online hackers and breaches. Click here to read more and take the course!

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